Desiree Fontaine wore the first skirt from my line!

Desiree Fontaine, who does the traffic for WTNH News Channel 8 and WCTX My TV 9 in the mornings, wore the first skirt from my 100 percent cotton line of skirts! It’s a wrap-around, red with small white stars, for the 4th of July.

My entire clothing line will be 100 percent cotton because I like the way cotton feels, I like working with it and it’s natural, with no plastic fibers like polyester. Right now, it will be mostly skirts and simple tops and accessories. Once I develop more skill, I’ll begin making high quality shirts and dresses and more, all at a reasonable price.

When I say reasonable, I mean the price will make sense when you calculate the price of the supplies and my time into the quality of the garment you receive.

I fell in love with cotton fabrics when I started a quilt for one of my BFF’s, Shema Hobby – which I still need to finish. I’m too ashamed to say how long ago it was when I started it, but she would be surprised to see that I’ve worked on it since she’s seen it last.

I hope to finish it and post a picture of it soon. I will be posting sketches of the whole line of skirts very soon and you will be able to order a custom-made skirt in the style and color that you like!

Thank you for visiting again and have a nice day! I mean it!

Sperry Top-Siders!!!!!!

Update!!! Top Siders for $25.00 at Thom Browne on Broadway in New Haven, CT.
Get your Sperry Top-siders for the best price. In 10 different style variations, you’re sure to find one you like.
Update: I saw a girl who said she got Sperry shoes at Lord & Taylor for $34.99, so check there as well, to be sure you’re getting the best price!

Sperry Boat shoes too...