Hello!  Thank you for visiting  I am currently working on a line skirts. The skirts will be made of 100% cotton (as will every garment I construct).  I am putting the final touches on a skirt and will post a picture as soon as possible.  Thank you for checking in.  Have a wonderful day.    Riquee

Under Construction….still…. is still waiting to take-off.  I’ve started putting together the details for my non-profit group, D.E.B.’s (Dedicated, Educated and Beautiful) Girls.  I’ve put toghether a PowerPoint presentation for parents and am looking into fundraising options.  I am very excited about this group and what we will accomplish over time.  I will be launching very soon and it will be worth the wait.  What I don’t want to put off any longer is working with the youth.  So, I’ll be posting as we make progress.  Thanks for your patience.  Sincerely, Riquee