About Me…& Riquee.com

I am Riquee Blackman Jarmon; I’m a fashion fanatic – lover of beautiful clothing and accessories. I graduated, in 2003, from John Casablanca’s Elite in New Britain, CT, where I learned cosmetic application, runway, interviewing/self-presentation, and commercial slate. Technically, I am a professional model. I also earned a bachelors of science in journalism from Southern Connecticut State University in 2010.

Riquee.com will is gallery and forum of what I call “life-fashions.” I will write about how to make your life beautiful – from your shoes to your pillow shams. I will also provide a custom designing service for anyone interested in one-of-a-kind garments or items. I will make you anything from a dress, to a blanket, to drapes.

I will provide links and information for Web sites and stores or boutiques that I know the people who come to Riquee.com would appreciate.

Most important – I wish for guests to leave feedback on what they see on Riquee.com and what they would like to see.

I will be starting a group for young girls in the inner city.  Once everything is set up, there will be a blog with information on what the group is about and what we’re going to be doing. 

Thank you for visiting Riquee.com. 

“Your personality is the most important garment you will ever wear.” –
Riquee Blackman Jarmon